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  • Keeping up with routine maintenance is an important part of the longevity of any HVAC unit. Arctic Air’s HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program provides the following benefits:

    • Fewer Repairs: Failing to maintain the HVAC system increases the risk of expensive repairs. As individual parts become less effective over time, the entire HVAC unit is forced to work harder to effectively heat or cool. A preventive maintenance plan can help catch needed repairs much sooner, avoid costly repairs, and extend the life of the unit. Additionally, these routine maintenance appointments can protect the validity of the HVAC equipment warranty. Maintenance members benefit from discounts on emergency fees.
    • Efficient Heating and Cooling
      When the HVAC unit is forced to work harder, there will likely be an increase in heating and cooling bills. During a service appointment, the technician will complete 31 points of inspection including minor maintenance like lubricating moving parts and inspecting electrical components. These tasks allow the HVAC unit to work more efficiently, resulting in more affordable costs and a more comfortable temperature in your house.
    • Cleaner Indoor Air
      HVAC units require routine cleanings, and a clean unit makes it easier for air to flow. A service technician will clean the interior and exterior components of your unit, removing any dust or debris. He will also replace the HVAC air filter which is an important part of filtering out debris, thereby improving the air flow and air quality.

    Professionals recommend preventive HVAC maintenance once to twice a year. Signing up for our maintenance plan will ensure your unit is inspected and maintained by a professional while also saving you money and time. Call Arctic Air Conditioning today at 806-749-2327 to learn more about our HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program.

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